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Monday 15 August 2011

Lume hits Japan

During the Summer we have been developing a Japanese version of Lume. Working together with PLAYISM we have produced a lovely new version of the game for the Japanese market.

It's great to see the game with beautiful Japanese characters replacing the speech bubbles and the puzzle's English words.

One big challenge with translating the game has been how to translate those puzzles which used English text (the clues in the books for example). So we've developed a whole new puzzle in one case, which we think you might like. I think we prefer it to the old one now!

We are also pleased to say that Luke and I will be travelling to the Tokyo Game Show alongside PLAYISM to showcase Lume. Not only will you be able to play the game, we are also bringing along the original model set over from the UK, and will be displaying it, miniture lights and all, so you can see the Lume world up close! If you are heading to the event be sure to come along and say Hi, it will be great to meet you.



  1. Hey guys from Lume, I'm a guy from the Netherlands who is doing a let's play about this game (in Dutch). Might wanna check it out: .

  2. Greetings, Luke and Kath =)

    I was that guy from Taiwan at Tokyo Game Show, it was really cool to talk to you guys! Hope the project and everything is going well, I'm so eager to see the whole Lume story =)

    Keep in touch. =)