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Friday 25 March 2011

Monday 21 March 2011

Lume: The Official Trailer

Below is the new trailer for Lume which shows you the game in action. Let us know if you like what you see!

Thursday 3 March 2011


We did promise you some video, and here it is!

Just a glimpse of what's to come.

Tuesday 1 March 2011

An HD look at the model

As the beady eyes will have noticed, the Lume world is a real-life model you can walk around, created entirely out of bits of card. It's also wired up with all sorts of miniature lights, which, as you'll eventually see, is an important element to the story and the puzzles. Each light is a dolls-house light, adapted and fitted to the model so that (hopefully) you can't see the wires when it's all lit properly. We'll post some more making-of bits and bobs soon, there's video of us testing the lighting in the dark for the first time, as well as lots of early sketches and the like.

For now, here's a photo of how one of the rooms we've built looked soon after the lights went onto the ceiling. This shot isn't particularly well lit, but what you lose in atmosphere you gain in detail (as fine an excuse for poor lighting as you'll ever hear). To give you an idea of scale, the sofa is about 4cm high.

We're doing an interview with a games site about Lume very soon, so there's more exclusive news on its way.