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Thursday 24 November 2011

SALE! Steam Autumn Sale 50% off Lume now!

If you havn't got round to it yet, Grab yourself a bargain and purchase the fantastic Lume now in the Steam Autumn Sale. With a huge 50% discount on the game until Sunday, it's never been a better time to immerse yourself in Lume's charm. Snuggle up on these chilly nights and enjoy this illuminating puzzle adventure game. Or if you already have the game, why not buy one for your nearest and dearest as a Christmas present. Go on you know you want to! 

Kath x

Monday 21 November 2011

Travels = Architectural inspiration

We have been extremely fortunate recently that in the passed few months we have managed to squeezed in visiting some amazing places, Japan, Najac, South of France and Marrakech, Morocco. 
As Lume and the upcoming Lume 2  development are never too far from minds consciously  or unconsciously we seem to relish the chance to photograph different and interesting architecture features from our travels. These will I'm sure all act as fantastic inspiration for our ongoing game projects. It will be interesting to see what seeps into our Lume 2 fantastical constructions.

Neon's, Skyscrapers, Shrines and Temples :  Japan September 2011

Medieval Chateaus, hilltop towns, stonework and arches :  Najac August 2011

Mosaics, courtyards, city walls, and colour:  Marrakech October 2011


Monday 7 November 2011

Behind the scenes - Camera perfection

It feels strange to think back to a cold December 2010 and the day filming we had, to create the look of Lume, but I will try. First off here is a great picture I took of Luke with the finished 'Lume' set, just as we finished. As you can see by the shabby beard and the tired but happy eyes, It had been many hours work and long nights.

Day Filming commences...
We had abit of luck with a close friend of State of Play is the a fantastic lightening and cameraman Tom Hooker. He is currently filming wildlife for the BBC, so we were sure we would be in safe hands. 

Firstly, we set about lighting the set beautifully. We knew that the house would look perfect filmed with the addition of some great lighting tricks which Tom had up his sleeve. The shot list was then drawn up, and we set about getting each shot as perfect as we could. The end results were fantastic and after a long day, we couldn't be happier. Take a look at our behind the scenes photographs and the finished result with a look at the trailer.