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Friday, 1 July 2011

Lume on Sale, 66% off!

It's been a while since our blog posts at late. We have been knee deep in finishing ongoing client projects, contemplating the future of Lume 2, and generally being very busy, as is the way for a small indie team.
Good news to tell. For a limited time only Lume is part of The Steam Summer Camp Sale, you can grap a copy here and save 66% off the price. Go get it!


  1. I bought Lume during the Summer Sale, and it was a great purchase. Please make another!

  2. Hello. Great game! I've just bought it and I'm really enjoying it.


  3. Hi, just one question:

    How dou you deduce the numbers the cabinet under the sink?!?!?
    I know they are on the Gramophone's book, and I got them, but I'd really like to understand how do you deduce them from the book.. I've only seen one explanation, but I don't find it consistent (


  4. drTuttle: Thank you very much! Comments like this just help speed along the next part's arrival, we're planning things right now.

    turbospirit: That's a tough one innit! I think that walkthrough has actually got it wrong, which confuses things (despite them getting the correct numbers). You're onto something with the book though. Grandad has probably just found nine numbers on the page and used them as the code. But numbers don't always have to be written in 1 (one) way, if you get what we mean.

  5. Templeton Peck17 July 2011 at 01:28

    Well I was enjoying this game, for about 2-3 minutes when I encountered a major glitch.

    When in the house, I went upstairs, looked at the Windmill diagram. I clicked on the empty square box and I basically got fast forwarded to the end of the game.

    The lights came on and the game was over.

    This is on the Steam version of the game.

  6. Hi Templeton,

    Thanks for highlighting that. This bug has been fixed in the latest version of the game we think, so it shouldn't be possible to do this in all newly downloaded versions. If you only downloaded the game in the last few days let us know and we'll look into it straight away!


  7. Just finished the game!
    Great artwork and fun gameplay!! Please keep more episodes coming! :D

  8. We will ABC, never fear! Right now we're actually designing puzzles for them. We're also designing a new version of that gramaphone book / cupboard lock puzzle for the Japanese market, as it's so reliant on reading English at present. Some might say even the English one needed some tweaks :) We agree, and thanks for all that help guys (nods @Turbospirit) - we'll iron these things out for the next instalment!


  9. Keep up the good work!

    It took me some time to find out the numbers to get the wrench and the wire, but I really enjoyed the game!

    Can't wait for the second part!