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Friday, 25 February 2011

Lume is now in Beta, if you can call ‘Beta’ a state where it needs a good bit of spit and polish. The important thing is that the gameplay is pretty settled, the graphics are in, sound is there, as well as cutscenes.

The music was the final thing we sorted out. It’s always left until last, which is a pain but just a necessary evil, when there’s always more pressing things like bugs to fix. The music was always going to be a bit tricky for this, as it is in all adventure games – you want it to have some character, but also to be in the background and not intrude on the player’s consciousness too much – they’re trying to solve puzzles fer pete’s sake. The end result is a sparse-ish loop with some tinkly guitars and piano, hopefully matching the twinkling lights you’ll see in the game.

Ideally I’d love to make this music interactive, so each scene in the game has its own character, but that might be something for the future. It might not even be necessary, we’ll see once we look at it and hear it afresh.

We’re pretty excited about it now, the next stage is of course to start getting this out there for people to play. We’ve a few strategies in mind, and we’ll keep you updated with how you’ll be able to get hold of it.

The screenshot above is how it’s looking at the moment. We'd love to show more so I’ll upload a preview video soon, keep a beady eye out.


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